F2pool closes, goblinpool already has 70% of graphrate

Yesterday f2pool announced they will be closing their Grin mining pool.

f2pool was previously Grin’s largest mining pool, with roughly 50% of network graphrate if I remember correctly. Since the announcement many miners have already migrated to goplinpool, which at the time of writing has 70% of network graphrate.

If this situation doesn’t get better it basically leaves the grin network at the mercy of goblinpool.

Thanks to @Cobragrin for bringing this up on keybase.

Update May 20, 2021: f2pool closed for good, goblin pool at 95% graphrate


The user-count at grinmint is for months at ~47-55 users now. The closing of f2pool did not change those user-numbers at all, which is strange. I would have expected at least some miners to switch to Grinmint.

The close is announced for May 19. Look where they switch to then…

f2pool wasnt upgrading. Goblinpool full throttle.

We working on a community Pool solution, but we need a bit more time.
Some legal problems need to be clarified and a bit more coordination is needed.

Once done we all, at least who own iChicken can move to it so we run our own Community Pool.


Why 2miners is not popular with the lowest mining fee, only 1% as compared to goblinpool’s 1.8%?

I am the creator of goblinpool and a member of grin community since 2019.
we will never do attack to grin network, and open to community to find a way to decentralized the hashpower.

Here is the specific action we will and take:

  1. we will increase pool fee to encourage miner to other pool.
  2. we contacted grinmint pool , and suggest to setup hongkong server, and already help them to translate to chinese version (http://cn.grinmint.com).
    And since most grin miner in mainland china, we suggest every miner pool should setup a mainland china server.

Any suggestions are welcome


This is a stupid question but it always comes to my mind to ask, especially for @tromp

G1 42 Gps
G1 Mini 1.4 Gps

Is there any way to limit ASIC Miner graphrate in Cuckatoo 32? For example, only 1.4 Gps can be received per miner? @tromp

Probably because @xiaojay has been involved with Grin for a long time, developed a popular GUI wallet, and is one of the most trusted people in the Grin community- Especially the Chinese community where most of the miners are based.

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Per mining account or per miner? And if the latter, how do you tell whether two mining accounts are the same miner?

Per Miner. Fee for example https://grin.2miners.com/ There are 35 miners currently mining Grin. If only everything could be limited only the maximum submitted hashrate of 1.4 Gps (just for example).

Can the miner be limited to only using the local internet network in their country? For example, you can’t use a VPN and have to setup a dedicated static IP? Something like that to limit it. It’s okay to have multiple accounts originating from the same (human miner).

Or what is the scenario in the real world about this that has been practiced? This is what I asked you, because I am very unfamiliar about this. Thank you for responding and enlightenment. :grin: :upside_down_face:

No; those are mining accounts. You have no foolproof way to determine if these are 35 unique individuals, or one individual using 35 different accounts. If you limit the amount of graphpower per mining account, then you’re just forcing large miners to create more accounts.

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For Chinese miners, we’ve added a new stratum endpoint for Grinmint:


Goblin Pool has reached to 93.2% of network graphrate

to help the network stay Decentralized use smaller pool please
also i think the grin explorer need more option like network hashrate and a graphical chart to see pools hashrate and miners count

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I justed visited the Grinmint website, and the pool says it is shutting down!
Is this really true, or did someone hack the website or so?

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the end of Grinmint. We are really grateful to the miners and the Grin community for trusting us for more than 2 years.

We encourage miners to switch to another mining pool and withdraw their payouts as soon as possible. Please note the following dates:

- On June 21, the stratum server will be stopped.
- On July 7, the website will be shut down.

Quentin wrote this on keybase yesterday, so it’s true

Ok, then it is true :cry:. A pity, but I can understand that for them this might be a necessary economical decision. We can be thankfull to @quentinlesceller and Block-cypher for helping the Grin projects for such as long time with Grinmint, your support will not be forgotten :pray:.


Thats very bad. Only 1 pool left.

Could someone tell some hints about the cost of maintenance a pool like grinmint?

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