Small tool to get worker hashrates

I figured I would share a small project I wrote today:

I wrote this tool, because I wanted a way to see quickly check the hashrate of my miners. The grin server UI does not show hashrates. At first I tried to add hashrates to the server UI, but realized it would be a complicated set of changes & the complexity wasn’t justified IMO. Instead, I decided to write a small standalone tool to parse the server logs and compute hashrates from there.

Here is an example output:

$ ./target/release/grinworkers -t 1440
Parsing ~/.grin/main/grin-server.log
worker1: 1.40 G/s (2876 shares in 1439 min)
worker2: 1.19 G/s (2438 shares in 1439 min)

Maybe someone else will find this useful too. Cheers.