Cuckoo 30 Stats Collection Thread (don't use)

Just putting this topic here as a catch-all thread for posting community-collected stats on mining for Grins at production-level Cuckoo 30. If you’d like to help us out with this by posting any findings you might have, please be sure to read through the following threads:

When posting your findings, please be sure to note as much relevant information as you can about details of your setup, for instance (not exhaustive):

  • Number of GPU/CPUs you’re running
  • CPU: vendor, make, clock speed (e.g intel i7 4790k @ 4.2 Ghz)
  • GPU: vendor, reference spec, RAM, overclock status (ASUS 1080Ti at stock speeds)
  • GPS (graphs per second) you’re getting for each device (can be found via debug logging)
  • Power usage (important!) collected from nvidia-smi dmon output (see the mining guide above for details)
  • Whether you’re running a single device in sync more or async mode
  • Parameters you’re setting for each device
  • How long you’ve been able to mine without seeing errors
  • If errors occur, and details from the logs/backtraces you can find.

And more bits of info which aren’t coming to mind right this moment but I’m sure will become evident. Once we have a decent number of stats, we’ll figure out the best way to collate them (possibly a google spreadsheet or the like). Also, if anyone from the community wants to take over stat compilation it would be much appreciated and I’ll do whatever’s needed to support them!

Looking very forward to seeing some findings below!

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ASUS GTX 1080, stock speed, single device
0.55 GPS average
~100 Watts average, peaks at 120W

Maybe you could give us some firm directions as to whether you want us to drop our stats here or in the other thread with the instructions of how to mine. Or doesn’t it matter?

I’d indicated on the other thread to use this thread for stat collection, but that’s probably needlessly confusing. I’ll merge the instructions in this thread into the previous thread, and poor Igno will have to post there again!

Archiving this post, use the original thread instead:

Dammit! I put so much love and care into that post!