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Honestly our dependence on China for Technological manufacturing goes to show how globalism has truly fucked the progress and development of new technologies.
The West needs to bring is Manufacturing base and expertise back “on-shore” and stop relying on the absolutely disgusting practices of modern slavery that china uses in its manufacturing plants such as the Foxxcon plant that makes its workers sign “Suicide contracts” that state if they kill themselves their pay will be confiscated and not given to family (many workers can not take the gruelling working conditions and jump off the roof, so much so they have nets to catch the bodies now)


It’s a free market! Manufacturing stuff in the “West” is way too expensive. Not gonna happen.

I thought bringing manufacturing back to the West was part of making Alice grin again!

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short term thinking vs strategic investment.
when has the “free market” ever made a decision that was logical? Free-Market economics don’t even count Aquifers as being part of the economic model so you’re gonna tell me “muh chicago school” “muh private enterprise” “muh petro-dollar investment markets” are good things?
Any closed system will tend towards disorder, even grin has a governance committee trying guide it in the right direction for long term health.

I think his point is that if it would be profitable to manufacture in the US, people would have done so already. Unless the government quite literally subsidizes the manufacturing, how do you see it being possible?

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the chinese state literally subsidises all business in china.
its communist manufacturing and capitalist retailing.

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So how does the West bring back manufacturing “on-shore”? Subsidize it even more than the Chinese are doing?

tariffs on chinese goods would be a start. and an end to the currency manipulation thats been accepted by the world.
china has had massive unsustainable growth built on world trade and its exploiting this to the detriment of everyone else.

Wouldn’t tariffs on Chinese goods simply make mining impossible for Westerners, thus centralizing it even more?

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the cheapest power in the world is in venezuela…

Attached are the operating results of Canaan. It is now public information, as they are trying to raise capital in N.America No hiding the reality anymore.

Note how this premiere manufacturer of ASIC miners has lost $$ in 2018. And note how the first 6 months of 2019, revenue was only $42M against a COGs of $41M.

One can guess how Inno’s balance sheet looks like.

As well, note the * on the G&A and R&D line items. It looks like they have buried the stock-based compensation into these figures. So the stakeholders of the company have a ton of stock, trying to go public with a big Raise, hope the share price shoots up.

Readers should take caution that the recent on-stage showing of Canaan with the Grin Miner is real or not??? Judge for yourself. It definitely generated buzz.

Having an ASIC miner manufacturer and design company in N.America would be good for our eco-system.

Chart comes from this link.

@MerlinsBeard you gonna chime in on this? you seemed pretty stoked about chinese hegemony in manufacturing because the lowest price is always the right choice?

As well, trouble in paradise as the Bitmain internal hunger-games must be a huge distraction. Some are saying this drama is being leaked out so they can feed the narrative that it is “Steve Jobs returning to save Apple”…so buy into the IPO now.


The embargo on the Bitmain prospectus should be lifted soon and we can see all the financial details.

For Inno, absolutely zero transparency on them…they must have nothing to hide. Only thing we know is they are going to be late at least 5 months (Aug 2019 to Jan 2020) for a Grin Miner…if they ever show up. Last point is a fair observation as their Eth miner never showed up and only re-appeared on social media when a competitor announced a tape-out.

Glad to hear things worked out

Hooray jmc! Now how do we turn this into a movement! Thanks for this! :+1: & the copied link: do not open. Post any other links you have. Thanks

It would have been much better to introduce my scammer Asic Mining Market as well lol

I don’t completely confirm it as fraud but it’s true they have a very very sloppy inquiry correspondence without urging me to pay even in the email format lol

which one of you brainlets is james?Untitled


Per the Sept 2019 Twitter posting from Innosilicon, their Grin miners were set to ship now (Jan 2020). Has anyone else noticed they are now sold out? What’s up with that? And has anyone gotten their hands on these fantastic units? Any insight would be appreciated.

I noticed and since all 3rd party resellers are on preorder… I’m betting not many people have gotten one… kind of depressing.