Running Grin wallet in TAILS OS?

Is it possible to run Grin wallet in Tails Linxus via usb? Its scary to start using Grin over OSX.

It should be possible to run on any Linux distribution, though I have only used it in Fedora. Why is it scary to run on OSX?

You could, but really really really pay attention to tails bullshit. The whole dotfile thing will ruin your day if you think it will work as you expect; because it doesn’t. Your wallet secrets are by default going to be purged when you shutdown tails unless you magic it just right.

darn that sounds like my private keys won’t save on the usb drive? I’m concerned about using Grin wallet over OS in case the system is compromised.

Bios hacking isn’t really that common, and having an encypted usb doesn’t nesserily save you.

I’m trying to track down an easy to use persistence only distro but live usbs seens to have taken a hit in terms of user friendlyness with several tools dying while I wasnt looking, to maybe write a guide; dont quote me on that.

Besides that it would probaly just be best to read the documation of the wallet to transfer it and the wallet binary to a folder on the usb manually; I know wallet 317 got a cute installer script, but doing it manually is probaly better for live usbs