Real Batch Payment Feature

Hi Grin developers,

I’m really interested in “real batch payment feature” introduced in

Can I have any technical documents or memo at this moment?


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Hi @moguo, as part of vault713, we have a payment processor that handles batched payments today in grin, supporting the most popular payment methods, using scheduled payment cycles. Highly performant. For more info and/or access to a demo, hit me up on keybase (@lehnberg) or send me a DM with your email. :v:


Hi lehnberg, Thank you for your reply.
I imagine that a huge number of grin transactions are to be scheduled in parallel, but is it different from “real batch payment feature” which they mention as “multiple receivers for one transaction”?

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Hi @moguo, our solution allows you to pay many recipients using a single UTXO (or more). You can optionally do so through running automated payment cycles.

Happy to provide you with more info or access to a demo. Send me your email or reach out to me on Keybase: