PSU jump issue (can´t run the RIG)

I´ve got an issue to jump my PSU to run my rig. There is a separate PSU for MB and second one for GPUs, so I can´t run it now at the same time.
There was a tiny cable already set properly, so the RIG was running fine.
this is only my guess - this one doesn´t work.

But as I was switching my GPU, I accidentally throw down that cable and now I can´t figure out what is the proper configuration.

I made a simple scheme of the slots on the paper, so If you guys have a lot of time, you can help me to give me some clue. Something like A4-D4 or so… I would be glad, if you can help me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


SOLVED … it´s the A1-C4 configuration