Problem with minig grin with Lolminer

hello there i tried mining with Lolminer 1.17 and after 1h the hashrate is 0GPS and does not mine anymore the error message is in this picture i tries b and g miner they say device not supported
my specs
Rx5500xt 8gb sapphire nitro+
win10 ENT 64bit latest update
driver version i tried latest 21.5.2 and 21.5.2 pro ENT i tried under volting from 1100mv to 850 but the admin in grin mining chat said try 900mv i did it was same i also tried the default setting it was the same.
i just left mining ETH cause i wanted to support grin network and second ETH fee was high and i almost spend half of it for transaction But now I am gradually giving up what I did.

nobody help not in reddit not in forum not in chat :frowning_face:

The admin who tried to help on tg was @Lolliedieb he is the creator of lolminer, so he’s the best person to ask for help.

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