Low level of accepted solutions on Grinmint


I’m mining on 7 (actially 8, but nvidia drivers on linux shows only 7) P106 (GF 1060) GPUs
Last 2-3 days I recieve 0 rewards. Charts on grinmint shows that I have 0 mining power.
This is what I see in Grin Miner:
Solutions found: 6696. Accepted: 404. Rejected: 0

What could be the problem ?


Did you specify your Grinmint userid in Grin Miner? Grinmint will gladly accept your solutions but will credit whatever account you have specified in Grin Miner. Presumably that account is different than the one you are looking at on the Grinmint website.

Yes, sure. Everything was ok since launch on Grin mainnet. When I’m restarting miner it works fine for a few hours, then hashrate drops to 0 on Grinmint dashboard and I’m seeing this picture.


I know this, I’ve checked - US