Pricetag Items on webstore with GRIN?

Is there a way to create a GRIN “buy now” price-tag for retailing items online?

I have an item that is $64.00 USD fixed price and would like to display a buy now button with the current USD/GRIN price displayed as a ticker/widget for customers. Also, would I need to create a unique “pricetag” for each transaction or would I be able to leave one pricetag, open ended, requesting the same amount over and over?

Are there any other suggestions or knowledge for using GRIN on a web shopping cart?

Thanks, Grin1

Also thinking about this for A widget that showed the relative price of something as it changed, and then a user would probably have to indicate they wanted to buy it and the store would have to create an invoice to send to the user.

right now there is not good liquidity or many legit exchanges though, so even getting an accurate price is not easy. will probably need some more time before its viable.


Grin Merchant Widget! Seeing pricetags around the web using GRIN would be like free advertising for the coin. I checked out your web cart yesterday nice job, nice to meet you.

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