Different Grin price in market

I see different Grin price in coingecko, coinbase and coinmarketcap. Which one is the right one and why?

It depends on the definition.
I would say a price is right, if you really can buy or sell for it, in the amount that you want. It is possible that different prices at the same time are right.
I would forget about the price on coinbase, because they don’t even tell the source of that number.
Coingecko and coinmarketcap show you prices of transactions that already happened. But they have a list with last prices of different exchanges. For grin the liquidity is often very low. So it is usual that prices differ. If an exchange has very different prices than an other, that may be an indicator that arbitrage is not possible. For example because deposit or withdraw actually don’t work. I would recommend https://tradeogre.com/exchange/BTC-GRIN


The one is right which you can deposit- sell or buy- withdraw. So the real price is gate and tradeogre.com effectively.


Generally I use tradeogre so I buy Grin in tradeogre price but I just wondered that there is a big price difference. Thank you for the information