Onboarding and Education

Would it be useful to have an onboarding section for people who are new to the project?

My thinking is that as the platform is getting more popular developers, end users, and bloggers are exploring Grin, but… I feel like there’s a high risk of people either getting confused and leaving, or jumping to conclusions and spreading misinformation. While some of these resources are scattered about here and there, it would be nice to have it all in one place with a focus on UX: getting people through the funnel of, “hmmm what’s this new thing… I dunno ¯_(ツ)_/¯”, to, “oh this is cool and I see how I could build X, Y, or Z and I want to try doing that.”
This picture says it all, just replace customer with user/contributor…

I see this as:

  • explaining why Grin is important, what the goal is, and what the roadmap looks like
  • addressing frequently asked questions, assumptions, and mistakes as well as the similarities and differences between Grin and other blockchains
  • explaining the crypto behind Grin in plain english as well as code, with resources to learn and explore more

This would also require reviewing, discussing, and updating these items regularly so that everyone (core devs and new users) is on the same page.

If that’s something that would be useful, would the best place to start be the website, the docs, or something else entirely like a blog? Happy to help however I can :slight_smile:

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Agree that the docs we have could definitely be improved, and would be really useful. Good to have you onboard to help with that! What’s currently available can be found at:

You can always start by improving the wiki (free to edit by anyone). That could also then migrated into content for grin.mw via: https://github.com/mimblewimble/site

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Going through stuff to contribute where I can and get a better feel for where the project is at (as you might’ve noticed by my hopefully helpful and hopefully not annoying comments).

One thing that’s really exciting to me is direction: where are we going? I’m excited about Grin because I think it’s a project that empowers people and can lead to a better future. Understanding the direction also tells me as a developer how I can work to contribute to the project. In the docs the roadmap section leads to a GitHub milestone of “mainnet”, which is less than 2months away. What happens after that? Is there another section with discussions or goals for Grin in the future?

At this point in time, I’d say the full focus of the team is on mainnet launch, and understandably so.

From mainnet onwards there are four scheduled hard forks in the first two years of existence, which will allow for consensus-breaking changes to be introduced.