Node to Wallet Connection

Hey miners,
I’m pretty new to mining and I’m operating on Windows 10 with a Hyper-v client running Ubuntu. I have a Ryzen 2700x CPU and an AMD VEGA 64 GPU running at 3.4 Gps. I followed this video to get things set up

I have the node running, the wallet listener going and my Windows miner running. Everything seems good with the miner reporting shares to the node and I can view my wallet info but nothing ever shows up in my wallet. I let my miner run over nigh and it did about 1600+ shares and nothing in my wallet.

So my questions are:
Is something not configured right and the node isn’t “paying” to the wallet?
Am I not being patient enough? OR
Am I not understanding how a node and wallet work?

Be gentle and detailed, remember I’m a nube.

Thanks all.