Newb... With a chromebook!

Wotcha dudes,

Just bought in after prevaricating for some time. Planning on just forgetting about them for a few years and setting some aside for my kids.

I figure it’ll either go to zero or be bigger than bitcoin by the time they’re grown up.

However… Bought on Kucoin and they don’t seem happy about sending to a Grin++ wallet. Wouldn’t let me transfer anyway as it said the node was down for maintenance.

My stack is down too for maintenance too so I got Grin++ working on a chromebook. Yeah…

Which wallet would be recommended? On a …ahem… chromebook? The android ones don’t seem to like it and the community command line wallet wouldn’t install. Would rather not leave them on an exchange for obvious reasons…

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Niffler wallet has been good to me.

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The command line wallet did not want to install. Since Niffler is basically a GUI for the command line wallet, I guess it will not work on Chromebook.
I would first try Grin++ like you did, if that does not work, try IronBelly. IronBelly does not run the node itself, so no dependency on the command line wallet.
But if I understood you correctly Grin++ worked on your Chromebook, why not just go with that?

I will try to transfer once the Kucoin exchange allows it… Oddly enough Grin++ is a little bit on the slow side running on a VM in a chromebook so will put some effort into Niffler.

The issue is that Kucoin at least says that it won’t transfer to Grin++, though no reason is given. For long term holds I suspect that I should really be looking at hardware wallets anyway.

Which is ridiculous, since all wallets should support the same protocols… yet it is case :sweat_smile:
Anyhow, quick way around it would be to install and transfer to IronBelly (based on the command line wallet) on you android or iOS phone, then transfer to Grin++ or whichever wallet you have working on your laptop.
Or alternatively, just use a mobile wallet for the moment. At least they keys are in your control.

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