Musk doesn't know Grin

In a lengthy new interview with podcast host Lex Fridman, Musk says t

“Dogecoin, just somewhat randomly, has a fixed number of coins or hash strings that are generated every year. So, there’s some inflation, but it’s not a percentage at base. It’s a fixed number, so the percentage of inflation will necessarily decline over time. I’m not saying that it’s the ideal system for a currency, but I think it actually is just fundamentally better than anything else I’ve seen, just by accident.”

In Doge’s case, the number wasn’t fixed either. The first year had 20x higher block rewards.


If you show Musk Grin, he will be surprised how there is such a perfect monetary system.

If i understand correctly he would like to have a coin whose emission rate is fixed based on the current supply, so for example 2% each year or smth but yeah if doge has a fixed emission (like grin) then he would probably love grin


I believe he gives credit to constant emission model.


Yeah have re-read it now and i understood it incorrectly the first time so yes, he would like grin probably

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Musk apparently doesn’t know Grin, unfortunately we know Musk.