Constant block reward coins

Anyone know of other constant block reward coins? I have not really explored the market for new coins ever since Grin was conceived.

The greatest problem with cryptocurrency in my opinion is the duplicability. There can always be a new chain and there is nothing to say that it shouldn’t take over based on its merits except for fickle social consensus. If I believe Grin is better formed than previous chains then I have to acknowledge that the same could happen to Grin.

To me Grin’s greatest innovation is actually not the technology it’s the constant block reward. So are there any other pow chains that have also adopted that? Especially in recent years.


Im not aware of any constant-reward chains, but several chains have “tail emission” which means “constant reward after some number of blocks”. Monero is probably the most well established example of that.

IMO constant reward is a better design than tail emission, but the people building tail emission coins often at least understand the problem space and can participate in more meaningful debate about the economic tradeoffs, compared to the “finite supply” coiners

I’d say dogecoin is the best known example. It switched to fixed reward (10,000 doge) in early 2015, about 1 year after launch.

Do you know if dogecoin was also a change in schedule or was it conceived that way from the start?

Both have the problem of unfair early rewards still imo.

Tbf, I said “most well established” not “best known”… Not that I endorse either project

Both dogecoin and Monero launched without tail emission and hardforked later to add it.

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How do you determine “better established” then?

No way. Its entirely subjective :slight_smile:

why did the block reward halve?

This is good then, if there is not another constant block reward coin then that means people still don’t get it, and Grin can still the one when they do.


Why does the same thing always happen in this community?! No matter who asks, you will not get a normal answer! You all begin to elevate yourself to the level of God, and no, in order to give a simple and understandable answer to ordinary people in simple language, you begin to behave like freaks … Why? After all, there will be no Grin miners - who the hell needs him then this Grin? Naturally, ordinary people, not programmers, but ordinary people, they do not understand everything and sometimes questions arise. So why not get off the cloud and just answer? After all, you all somehow want to make money on any cryptocurrency, calling Grin. So why are you behaving so loftily? If it’s not clear to me - why the reward has fallen by half - just tell me - get out of here, you stupid person, if you don’t want to just answer.

What are you talking about? The reward did not halve for grin. Are you talking about some other currency? I dont think anyone understood your question.

The Grin block reward has been constant and will remain constant forever (its literally the subject of this thread). Its 60 Grin per block at a rate of 1 block per minute. Forever. No halving.

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Could be lost in translation, but I just realized he meant price. That’s certainly does not excuse his indignation from lack of response. No one owes you their time.

The answer, in my estimation is “price goes up, price goes down,” largely correlated to Bitcoin movement at this time.

We really need to figure out a smoother method of slatepack transport to facilitate exchange adoption in my opinion, which would lead to more fluid price discovery on the grin side

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Plenty has been going on outside of “usability.” Coinswap is nearing completion, PIBD is in final testing stages, phyro’s contract work with coinjoins etc

Please stay on topic or move to a different thread. The topic was about coins with constant emission.

The only usability problem I find with grin is the lack of a core GUI client, and that’s being worked on.

Manual slatepack exchange is dead simple and extremely flexible, I don’t see it as a problem at all. Now back before we had slatepacks, that was a problem for sure.

Maybe @Unclefek do you mean the mining reward for your G1 mini went down/halved? That means there are more miners and as such also more competition, so the chance you mine a block goes down. The reward per block is the same, just more competition. Higher number of miners is good for the security of the project but unfortunately it means miners are less profitable.


then I won’t understand what the problem is. Why exchanges have not opened conclusions for a couple of years. It works like 1-3 exchanges for input/output

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They don’t want to do the small amount of work it takes to implement slatepacks. Tradeogre did the work. Grin would probably need to gain some more popular interest for other exchanges to bother doing the same.

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