Multichain-MWPoW: A p/2 Adversary Power Resistant Blockchain Sharding Approach to a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation Architecture

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We have presented the Multichain MWPoW approach to blockchain sharding in this paper. Our new solution achieves an efficient and robust decentralised autonomous organisation architecture. Multichain MWPoW is the first blockchain sharding approach that can withstand up to 50% of adversary power without assuming that honest people have to create as many nodes in the system as possible. Our experiments show that Multichain MWPoW largely outperforms Rapidchain, the n/2 blockchain sharding approach [28] as well as the flexible n/2 blockchain sharding approach [29] in terms of stability, throughput and transaction confirmation time. We have proposed a secure random distribution mechanism and maintained a threshold distribution of power inside every chain. We categorise nodes into different classes dynamically and require at least one node per class per chain, the number of participants per chain (shard) is significantly reduced, allowing more chains to be be split. This brings a significant improvement in terms of scalability.

Scaling Blockchains: A Comprehensive Survey

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Divide and Scale:
Formalization of Distributed Ledger Sharding Protocols,sharded%20distributed%20ledger%20should%20fulfill.