Is it possible to implement chainweb into MW?

I think its really interesting:

what do you guys think

is it possible to implement something similar to this into Grin or to use it on MimbleWimble at all?

That looks like a pretty stupid “scaling” solution. Having 10 interconnected chains. Which means you still need 10x more bandwidth to download all history and 10x more space to store it (else you’re not fully verifying). Not much different from having 10x bigger blocks.

Compare that to a real scaling solution like second layer networks where the vast majority of transactions never appear on-chain…


i think the point is that to run a node you just need to download and verify just one of the chains, the idea is to get the same security from 10 nodes running 10 different chains as if they were using the same chain, you still need 51% of the total hashing power of the network to attack any single chain. but in return you can get 10x more transactions, not only that but as the adoption grows you can easily just add more chains.

you can still use 2nd layer solution though, kadena also have theirs.

That’s not a fully verifying node. That’s like a bitcoin node that only verifies every 10th block…

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thinking more about how it works it seems that for each chain you actually just need to store the adjacent 3, as long as you have that you can verify 1 chain. because the way the chains are connected each chain don’t store a hash for every other chain but just 3

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so as long as the other 3 chains are valid you can verify 1. each of the other blockchains are verified by other nodes storing the other 3 adjacent chains. if something happens in any
chain this propagates the network and everybody goes back to a point were everything was verified.

so the cool thing is that no matter the total amount of blockchains you have to store 4 to verify 1

i’m not sure that’s how it works but this is my understanding of it

That makes no sense. You should only store what you have verified…

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in any case here is the whitepaper:

of course my descriptions are very surface level because of knowledge limitations, but i hope its enough to at least strike a little curiosity

“That makes no sense. You should only store what you have verified…”

yeah i think you’re right, you wouldn’t even have to store the other chains as you are not verifying them, you just need the latest valid block i think

You can’t even verify what is the latest valid block without verifying the entire history.


Kadena gives me such centralized corporation vibes lol not sure if anyone else gets that. I see them everywhere but I have no idea who actually uses their coin for what.

how about kaspa ???