MimbleWimble and Avalanche

Are they compatible in principle? Could Avalanche be used to remove the need for PoW?

I am not an expert on either, and I couldn’t find any mention of that possibility anywhere. I would love to hear from more knowledgeable people, even if just a link to an earlier discussion.


  • Byzantine tolerance: It can tolerate a large percentage of Byzantine participants with no impact on safety. In particular, you can have up to 50% of the nodes being Byzantine, i.e., nodes that try to trick the network and keep the entire network imbalanced. However, they will be unable to do this in a way that causes two nodes to decide on two different colors.

Demystifying “Snowflake to Avalanche” | by Mohamed ElSeidy | Medium

Taking this at face value in theory yes; but I suspect that something this far on the anarchism scale is going to be a heavy target for state attacks making that 51% of nodes unworkable.

Pow’s by thier nature makes censorship have an opportunity cost, nodes on the other hand data transfer is the limiting factor and censoring transactions if anything lowers the amount of data to send and is thankless.

The pow and piece of shit pos debate has no real world examples of all out attacks by state attackers; the environmentalism and math talking points people take are not really what the point of the pow was about. Pows are flaming dogshit are being databases, bitcoins 1 mb of data every 10 minutes is not a gold standard, “gossip protocols” are ancient history, its nice and all that pow inspired systems are getting past the 33% “attacks” of old ideas and the old banking industry is masturbating to the extra 17% of malfunctioning hardware to shave off milliseconds off the shiny white markets response speed of stock markets and the like; but we are talking about different things and no one really is paying attention.

The Avalanche Token: AVA

AVA — short for Avalanche, resembles the new token represented by this protocol.

  • Sybil deterrence via staking:

Such things are not really on the table

Pow and pos are data transfer systems and mimble wimble is a data format; to have an incompatibility (as opposed to a bad idea) something quite strange would have to be going on.

You can in principal upload books into youtube meta data