BEAM research - An explicit approach using mimblewimble and sharding for high throughput and security

This seems like an interesting article from the Beam folks about shard scaling, still unclear if it solves byzantine generals problem, only mentions “attack” once.

I am not a big fan of sharding - it adds a lot of complexity in the core protocol (seems to be the case with both Ethereum and Beam’s approach) and reduces security by having different types of nodes participating in the network. I am interested in seeing how these initiatives pan out but I feel more optimistic about sidechains (Cardano) and channels (LN).

The article goes on explaining how Beam is approaching sharding but it doesn’t provide any tps numbers that they target?

I’m not a fan of news stories about how something could work in theory that are thinly veiled ads. I think this is the bullshit iota pulled to convince everyone it removed its coordinator nodes for quite a while.

Call me when they define it enough someone else could build it or have a demo working.

Mods your should probably consider a policy of deleting direct beam related media, I think this will become a problem

This paper is written in collaboration with Beam, read more about Beam @Beam Privacy and

Theoretical tech that leaves ambiguity weather its up and running when I skim it; explained in the form of news that only mentions its connection to the dev team afterwards.

Its like the political speeches I watched recently, the democrates opened with “trump is cutting off payments to (long list of people) including veterans” they are trying to imply that the government shutdown cuts off veteran benefits and playing on heart strings all with 2 words of padding thats technically correct there are in fact veterans that are government employees, or trump ranting on and on about guns and drugs trying to imply gun voilence is going to be stopped by the wall which… what?

They are pull the same shit here, by describing theatrical tech in a media piece that says that beam launched recently, it makes it sound like “this is how beam works”; without saying it so most poeple don’t call it out; combined with the trust medium has of not being an ad or the beam site itself, I assume people are not going to be on guard for this.

  1. Mimblewimble introduces strong measures for privacy, but simultaneously requires a method to regulate identities to avert any illegal use of the network.

Why again is beam using mw when they are corporate minded?

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