Monkyyy's political shitposting thread

Lets get low quality political debate going, mostly because I get off to this shit and I don’t see enough political debate as is.

  1. this is all clearly an ancap culture and experiment

  2. none of you know anything about ancap

  3. fite me

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copied from github

In light of me giving up on affecting the mission statement; I would like to get a few(3 ish) devs who is more extremest then others to help pen a political document with their names on it, in the hopes in makes a “charleston fence” with the coming rapid growth we all know is coming with the watering down of the culture that brings.

rough ideas for this

  1. promoting soft-agorism(buying at the farmers market, paying odd jobs under the table, owning cypto) as a value in itself

  2. A moral defence of hard-agorism(cough starting a stateless currency cough, hosting 3d printed gun blueprints, dodging taxes) WITH WARNINGS to do so sanely; like copying satoshi and being anonymous

  3. a mention of an-cap

  4. Pointing out that bitcoin wasn’t first and this maybe an “eye of the storm”; and we return to the norm of “liberty dollar”

  5. an unambiguous call for hard-privacy, that won’t be confused with “I’m going to be mildly angry if facebook sells my medical data” soft-privacy.

@kargakis @igno.peverell @Numecca @0xb100d @lehnberg

I want a one page political document with political extremism just on display that gets signed by a few devs, the details of that extremism isn’t as important as setting a standard cultural land mark that will survive rapid growth in my mind.

Can we just get this started we may have maybe a year, before the growth starts to gets hard to manage, but I think in this case a once of prevention is worth a pound of cure, growth will be coming and it will degrade the culture till we have poeple who own grin who think being pro-privacy means “there ought to be a law that gives facebook a major fine when it sells my medical data, grrr so angry I’ll quit facebook and let my family know that on neo-facebook”


bit rot and rapid growth; anarchnocapitalism is explicitly mentioned dozens of times in the cyphernomicnom; yet no one reads that shit, and the turn over time for the internet, into bitcoin, into whatever is like 6 months

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why you do this :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m more aware of the permanence of information on the web than most people, but clearly not aware enough.

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Oh Mai God.

This is so good that this is happening. Be assured I will be back to mess with this :slight_smile:


I don’t think this community should be promoting any sort of ism.

Hard privacy should be front and center in the mission statement.

There is a big difference between a charleston fence and a chesterton fence :slight_smile:

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I was never taught politics. Is that some kind of old peoples thing? If so I don’t want any thanks.

Why do you wan this? What good do you think it can do to Grin? Or is it just a personal agenda?

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Things don’t do good to Grin; Grin does good to the world. The privacy and decetralization movement naturally goes hand-in-hand with libertarianism (not necessarily the extreme kind, although it is all relative), because we cannot expect governments, corporations, or other large, faceless organizations to grant us privacy out of their beneficence.

Why not give the world the whole cake rather than just the privacy slice? Grin is of course open to people of all political branches—including people who despise privacy—but that shouldn’t make us reluctant to share our message. Should it?

I don’t think monkyyy’s suggestion is ideal, but I think the political aspect of peer-to-peer electronic cash is overlooked to say the least.

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I think it falls perfectly in line with Grin’s minimalistic approach.

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I don’t think this community should be promoting any sort of ism.

bah humbug

Atheism is a religious view, anarchism is political view; they may be odd examples of each but not making a choice is making a choice all the same.

Stateless currency is very much a form of governance.

Why do you wan this? What good do you think it can do to Grin? Or is it just a personal agenda?

“Can’t it be both” -igno like a week ago

cypherpunks have horrible bitrot issues; and I have quite the personal agenda

Of course, which is why I made sure to mention that Grin is open to and welcoming of everyone. But this is the layer above Grin: the current community. In essence, since we are likely to be politically like-minded, how about making an effort to spread the word of libertarianism while we’re at it, making sure to not corrupt the lower layer (which is why I don’t think it is appropriate to ask “the officials” of Grin to sign anything)?

Having a community of libertarians promoting agorism (p2p) and privacy (cash) is the perfect showcase of Grin’s brilliance, I think.

How about responding to news:

“Dust off” your other coins for freshly minted Grin.
Each Grin coin is created equal. Free of UTXO attacks and free of political wanderings.

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Definitely can. Questions still stand though.

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@monkyyy I’m also free to refuse to state whether I’m atheist and religious. What sort of political view is that?

Don’t think I am actually :slight_smile:


Let me put this out there, I’m anti-democracy; I will likely never vote, i think less of poeple when I hear they vote; when half my political movement went horny for trump I’m thinking to myself “you guys should know better”; I can pull up a dozen or so quotes about why democracy is stupid quite simply. Does that mean I don’t act politically?

There is a challenge when out side the norms in the apathetic version of the beliefs; religions have a pretty good set up, you tell children they will go hell if they disbelieve, and to blindly obey societal norms and tell society at large that children should be educated by you; it makes a self feeding system that works very very well. Atheism can’t follow that norm, maybe you put a mention of evolution into schools; but I was taught it was “just a theory” and had an hour of high school of religious education that was very thinly dodged the separation of church and state by having on a separate building but the system was setup that most children would end up in this religious education(utahs fun in that way), it was a brutally unfair fight of ideas.

Much like religion, I want the state to die; but I can’t follow the standard methods of other political views.

Your practicing my ideas, setting up a stateless currency is agorism to a t, yet because I don’t really have the standard political asthenics, knowledge about that falls apart really quickly.

How to silence a lively thread

  1. come from off stage and say something no one is really prepared for

Anyone reading many of your previous posts would have not have been unprepared for your latest efforts at agitating for people to don the gilets jaunes … you don’t seem to be getting the hint that most people that contribute to this forum don’t seem to give a monkyyy’s for your an-cap ideology, possibly because it’s not necessary to subscribe to such, to believe in the merits of a project like Grin… or maybe because they couldn’t care less either way… just because the Grin project may possess attributes that align with aspects of some ideology or other, does not imply that it is entirely coincidental in every respect with said ideology or that it needs to actively align itself with said ideology.


I don’t think we are disagreeing. I have my own political and religious views but I don’t have a need to promote them in the wrong layer just because some ideals may be shared.