Mined my first solo block





now i want to extract the private key (and burry it somewhere), how is that possible?

edit: If you want to know anything about it - just ask :slight_smile:


Woop Woop :raised_hands: 60 Grin, Mimblewimble at its finest. Excellent job, I know I wouldn’t of had the patience.

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How long were you mining for it? Was it a C29 or a C31 block?

Regarding your “private key” - you can find your wallets private key (by default) in this file:

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tbh i’m just a lucky mf, had a few bucks on nicehash (awefull expensive shit - don’t use it) i forgot about from earlier days, set the highest bid and had it running for 2 or 3 mins lol it was C31 (pointed to my own node)

i know about my seed and i guess it’s a HD-like wallet working under the hood? What i’d like to do is to print the private key just for the block and put it in a safe for a few years :slight_smile:
Same wallet holds non-mined funds too, so i won’t spend any till i figured it out :thinking:

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