Looking for a cool developer

I look for a cool developer. I will pay some grin-minutes.


I want to have a reliable and accurate way to have a scrolling visualization.

Something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectrogram and what Foobar2000 can do.

This should be able to be fed into a program such as ffmpeg and create a video.

Something like: "avisual --resolution 1080x1920 --framerate 60 --speed 1 --input wave_file.wav | ffmpeg -i pipe:0 -vcodec mpeg4 …

This will help me upload my audio recodings to youtube.

Get a few grin-minutes! Reply here; can use escrow.

Of course, if this project already exists: point me this way!

What is a Grin-minute?

A Grin Minute is 60 Grin Seconds, where we call a “Grin Second” Grin.

So a “Grin-second” = 1 Grin? This is the first I have heard of such terminology.


How is what you want different than what Foobar2000 can do?

Using a screen-recorder, and playing-real-time from Foobar2000 is of course an option.

I was thinking of an output video stream over a pipe that can be captured by ffmpeg. I wish it to work faster than real-time.

Faster than real time? :thinking:

The supply of Grin or emission rate is fixed at 1 grin/sec. Therefore 1 minute of Grin or 1 Grin minute = 60 Grin.

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