lolMiner v0.9.7 20% Reduction in Graph Rate on Nvidia

Hi @Lolliedieb ,

I just installed v0.9.7 on my Hashr8 OS rig and instantly saw a 20% reduction in Grin29 graph rate on my Nvidia 1080ti GPUs compared to v0.9.6.

Previous I was getting around 5 g/s on v0.9.6 and on v0.9.7 only 4 g/s. Needless to say, I have gone back to v0.9.6 until this can be resolved.

I do like the concept of auto switching algorithms (G29, G31, G32) based on profitability that has been introduced in the latest release though and would like to start using that once the graph rate issue has been resolved.

Thats interesting … there were not that much changes between the versions, but well did not test it on Nvidias - the memory pattern has slightly changed I need to admit. Let me compare the two versions to see what could cause this :slight_smile:

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