lolMiner 0.9.4 - Better C31 speed on Vega & Navi and first public C32 miner for 8G cards

I have relatively old PC bought back in 2011, PSU - Seasonic X-760 760W and motherboard Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 (which has pcie 2.0…), so both can be an issue. Though my 1060 6gb works just fine…
Nevertheless, this was a push for a new pc build which hopefully will be ready soon:)

I never had Radeon before and this is totally new experience. While nvidia you just “plug and play”, with radeon vii a lot of tweaking needs to be done.

The Vega & VII are definitely data center cards AMD shoehorned into consumer marketplace.

In contrast the Navi series (5700, 5500) are the first cards AMD purpose built for gamers in awhile. I believe those are more user friendly for your average user