Leadership and Responsibility: The positive influence of Grin Boss on Grin

Unknown to many, Grin is a decentralized cryptocurrency project with many interesting attributes, that aim to overcome many of the shortcomings of Bitcoin and provide a solid hedge against arbitrary inflation by central banks. Although the Grin Project is considered as still being young, experimental and decentralized, in its short history it managed to already lose two key figures who operated as de facto leaders of the project: Ignotus Peverell and Grin Boss.
The work and influence of Ignotus Peverell are undisputed. This article will cast a light on the quieter and more subtle Leader of the project, who never stood in the limelight, but masterfully pulled the strings in the background, in a melancholy, almost tearful fashion: Grin Boss.

History of Grin Boss
Little is known about Grin Boss’ history. Some assume he might be from Chicago. His logo shows a crying face framed by Horns. A face of someone, who itself is considered by many to be a true leader: GOAT Michael Jordan.
On September 11th, 2009, Jordan gave a speech during his Basketball Hall of Fame induction in Springfield, Massachusetts were those tears were shed. Throughout the speech, Jordan repeatedly cried while retelling various anecdotes about his career. Most of the anecdotes resembles - no suprise - to Grin.
Also the similarities between Michael Jordan and Grin Boss are stunning. Jordan itself was a true leader on the basketball court, just like Grin Boss was itself a true leader in the crypto-physics court.

Leading the way
Grin Boss recognized the importance of continuous development early and insisted on the continuous evolution of the Grin Ecosystem, pushing every single developer involved in the project to go to their limits and beyond:

He often contemplated about the involved developers and had his own way to show his Admiration towards them:

Moreover, he firmly believed that nothing could compare with Grin, due to the originality of the latter:

At times, he was so worried about his beloved project, that he again and again asked his fellows the one big question, that troubled him the most: Coin dead?

Also one thing scared him in particular, which he regularly voiced publicly:

In troubled times, where many things were uncertain, he gave hope to the community and showed a way for the project to become the cutting edge pinnacle in the crypto space when it comes to scalable and secure processing of transactions while reliably preserving privacy.

He never hesitated to ask the important questions that bugged him…

…or to share his keen observations:

His unwavering support eventually resulted in him being declared CEO of Grin, a title he proudly acknowledged.

Many community members took great comfort in the wise words of the benevolent leader and they would know: They can count on him and his guidance.

Grin Boss opened new perspectives to Grin and we can be glad to have had him.


Coin dead :laughing:
I miss him since he left group and decided to not care about being CEO :smiley:

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This is a masterpiece! I love this community! :laughing:


“Coin dead”

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Excuse me Sers, coin dead?

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As our inspiration leader, there is nothing I can do but to honor him properly for his continuous encouragement by proudly using the following signature :heart:

I am grin boss