Just lost all of my testnet coin

Because of an unconfirmed transaction on the testnet

people on keybase are not helpful at all

no way to obtain testnet grin

testnet faucet broken

there is no tech support nobody has any answers

im expected to fix grin every time i have a problem with it, i am not an employee of grin corp, i am a customer. you guys got paid bank to work on the project, where is the maintenance and support part of the product development lifecycle

igno ran off like jesus

so i have be told that no-one was mining on the testnet so it wasnt working and mining has started again. my transaction is sent at one end and received - canceled at the other and the balance is not showing in either wallet. I’m not sure when the coin will return, it might take more transactions to un**** it’s db files. i still need testnet grin.

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What do you mean by that? Who is the receiver? If the receiver never sent you back the slate (step 2 of SRS), then they haven’t agreed to receive any coins. As sender you can cancel the (quite incomplete) tx to unlock the coins. With late locking, no coins would be locked.

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