Is this the G1 Miner?

The Ipollo G1 miner is the most profitable miner on F2pool as you can see on this page (please sort by Profits/24h).

i also have found on telegram (ipollo channel) a miner who claim to have a G1 miner. he shared his performances and as you can see he’s reaching 40 gps hashrate.

a G1 miner have an advertised capacity of 42gps.

After translating some discussions on telegram (ipollo channel), we can see that he’s really happy about his income and little bit worried about getting competitors next months with new shipments

if we take a look at his payouts, we can see that he’s getting his rewards on gateio using https and not a slatepack address. he started mining using this profil since January 12.

how is this possible ?

We removed http support from regular wallets, but pools and exchanges are free to use a custom protocol between their custom wallets.


there is also a reason why there is no need to invest in a testnet exchange at all.instead of adding a slatepack so they make a way to continue without change

why? users banned from most of exchanges… when this is debated or mentioned?

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It’s no premine, because, it is in between. It solves the Problem of making an economic moat.