Innosilicon G32-500 Miner + 220V PSU $4000 included shipping

I am selling Innosilicon G32-500 Miner + 220V PSU I ordered for November 2019 batch for $4000 including shipping and grin miner pool fee. Innosilicon did not refund my order so I agreed with them to change the shipping name and address to someone else. I will provide all my email traffic and my passport details. I will also cc you when I email Innosilicon to change the shipping address to your address. I only accept wire transfer to USD bank account. You can email me at for more details

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In a similar vein, have others also noticed that the Vidtoo twitter account for their GRN miner has disappeared?

If people have the hardware please share the results. It was not clear what the refund policy was (if ever there was one) for vidtoo. Expectations and promises were made in April and it would be fair to understand the situation. Post July, where are they?

We all look forward to the results from Innosilicon. I believe they set expectations of "shipping in volume this summer, so technically that is Sept 21). When did they guide the community of preliminary results?

Vidtoo never publicly sold any.

However, they now appear to be selling via weechat:

Thank-you for passing this along. When compared to the GPUs that are being used today, the performance of the published numbers from Vidtoo do not pass the basic smell-test.

I could always be wrong, but they are making statements that they will be 100X better than a GPU (say NV 1080ti or AMD Vega)…with less power and cheaper too.

As a skeptic, it would be easier to sell me sand, when I am standing in the middle of sahara.

Let’s hope the Inno promises are more realistic.


Reference points for us to anchor to. NV 10280ti highlighted in yellow.

  1. No use comparing Asic performance to GPU
  2. You are looking at old stats. C31: 1080ti = 1.4GPS, 2080ti=2.2 . So nowhere close to 100x
  3. Vidtoo’s stated GPS per watt is around a 2x improvement over Innoslicion.

So their performance estimates are not as questionable as you’re alluring too. Although they’re still questionable.

times 2 of innosilicon¿, humph. are we look at another obelisk¿

Hello is there a chance that if i buy any G32 ASIC ,at next fork they might not be able to mine anymore?

Not a chance. (need 20 chars)

I never should’ve offered a refund to begin with if they had already Close to the final stages of final release