In honor of everyone involved

…grin, lest you suffer.


Any ideas on things to add? I don’t want to make it into a complete website, but a few links or two wouldn’t hurt. I want to keep it in the spirit of Grin’s playfulness and mysteriousness.

Thought I’d add some memorable and funny quotes from the community which you can see implemented right now. I think it looks neat. So far I found three, and it took quite a while. All quote-contributions to add to the current list of three are are appreciated.

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Beautiful. It’s stuff like this that cuts through all the mindless chatter of the crypto parasites. May they freeze and die in this “crypto winter”. But because of your efforts, and others like it, we’ll stay warm. Long live Grin! Long live this beautiful community! Praise to all the contributors!


Great work I love the site design, nice warm gray background color, I’m clicking all the buttons to see what it do… everything is working. Question if SSL websites are even a possible thing anymore with the shutdown ya’ll? Also, heard there is a dance party going on today:

It’s still a work in progress. I want to keep it simple and playful, but it feels like a rather useless website at the moment; I might add a FAQ section with some witty answers.

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I store the quotes in quotes.json, with a matching URL too now. If you find some good quotes, share the source as well. Still waitin’ for some dank contributions!