[IDEA] Cloud mining panel for Vast.ai

Hello all! Have a dream this night. Would you be interested in a web interface for easy and fair cloud mining? Have a backend for managing GPU cloud mining with Vast.ai, and would like to see if other users are interested in using Vast.ai for mining, but don’t want to keep manually configuring the miner and so on. Users could set their own % profit percent to bid in GPU instances.

If you set 0% profit percent, you are basically buying GRIN using your credit card, via mining. And depending the exchange price and difficulty, usually is more cheaper than just buying in the exchange.

In that way you can automate the mining software and configuration from the webpage, without doing an high investiment in hardware, and without any GNU/Linux system admin or miner skills.

Could add more GPU algorithms but Grin will be the first one. The service would include a devfee that supports the Grin Fair license, so half of the profit would go to Grin devs.

Can u turn a profit using vast.ai really? I have experimented with grin-miner on 2x1080i on grinmint pool. It was not even close to break even

If you use the “interruptible” mode at Vast.ai, and bid below the calculated mining profitability, yes. The problem comes that the instance usually gets outbidded and the instance is stopped, so you need something to automate it and keep buying, configuring or deleting instances when outbidded. That’s why i created this software in my spare time. :grinning:

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