I hereby declare, that I will never present grin to be superior to BTC

I will never use the end of the mining rewards as a scare tactic on bitcoin holders either. Bitcoin holders are my friends. In my minds eye, grin is an extension to bitcoin that allows for private sub satoshi payments no matter the cost of a satoshi. Perhaps, this protocol, and its eternal PoW genius, will be the anchor point for bitcoin, sustaining it, not bettering it, helping bitcoin by extending its capabilities.

I chose grin, because I’ve been following the space since 2013 to an autistic degree.

While I followed bitcoin, I noticed who the ethical players were. I always supported them, and I always will, because I love them for their ethical behavior, I admire them, they are great, and I don’t care what other people think about that, nor do I want to hear any opinions on people in the space.

I followed the ethical people. Those are my people, and in free societies, good always conquers evil.

Anyway, got to go clean my room.


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