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Hello guys! My new article is here;
About; Under the heading of Evolution of Money, this article will show you the secret information you have never heard of in the background of State currencies, Bitcoin and Grin coin’s monetary policies, and give you radical possibilities of what might happen in the future.


Great sentiment, but somewhat inaccurate in its claims regarding Grin:

better than zcash and monero, it has created a completely confidential and secure structure.

While Grin certainly provides much enhanced privacy, and does so without hurting scalability, linkability between inputs and outputs makes its privacy worse than Monero (although adding decoys would make it competitive, at the cost of bandwidth), and much worse than ZCash (where privacy is optional though).

  1. It completely solved the problem of scalability in Bitcoin

It’s only a factor 3-4x more scalable since all kernels must be kept. Grin will also need 2nd layer solutions to scale by orders of magnitude.



I would suggest you take on board Tromp’s comments and tidy up some parts of this article.


Mine expert doesn’t speak on your name Mac, he doesn’t speak on the community name, and on anyone name.

It would be good that people abstain on coming up on threads and provide unpleasant and useless comments as this one, as a manifestation of authority or moral authority, or whatever desire to write shit in an unpleasant tone.

If you want to suggest him to edit his article, there are nicer ways to do it. Your tone is not at all in the spirit of the tone he adopted in his article, and ---- to take your tone ---- please be aware that you produce false claim too, as Tromp didn’t provide any advice to mine expert, he just corrected him with technical details without sounding like a local police officer


Ok, boss. I have edited my comment. Although it was always just a suggestion. Guess I have thick skin.

Sorry, I didn’t mean any disrespect to @minexpert I did after all “heart” his post because I enjoyed reading it.


I had not seen the log version of the plot before… that was a helpful perspective.


Thanks for your efforts, some nuggets of info were new to me. The github analysis results are quite telling, wasn’t aware of this site. Sort by stars and subs and you see how high Grin ranks, exceeding the older and matured privacy projects of Monero and Zcash:

Course github is about developer/programmer activity and interest so if crypto is about tech, and tech matters, then github activity is of high importance. Based on the commits, Litecoin seems mostly abandoned and Sia is a dead project.

Your article makes me look forward to grincon1. 10 day countdown.

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In this way, Grin has the most fair monetary policy ever made. Because it prevents an investor who owns 51% of Grin today to become a central owner of Grin forever. Thus, Grin has the title of being the only crypto currency that can be referred to as decentralized crypto currency.

Very strong feature of Grin, never thought about it before. All aspects of grin is simple and genius.
Thanks for the great article.


Grin, with its blockchain infrastructure and the features of monetary policy, has a structure that is valuable enough to form its own ecosystem rather than being an altcoin, it could be one of the domino stone of the existing ecosystem. In short, Grin is not an altcoin.

While i do not fully understand the first sentence, i strongly agree with the second one. Grin corrects everything that is wrong with Bitcoin. Great to read about it, thanks! @minexpert.


Thank you.
I focused more on these. I will edit it.