I am Ignotus - In dedication to Ignotus Peverell

My first day here after reading this excellent summation article about Grin.

Frankly, I am hoping more than this idolizing “I am Igno” stuff. For most people who actually do the open source work, this will sound stupid. They do it for the love of craft.

For the marketers kind, of course, “I am Igno” may sound cool.[Grin article]

Day to day conversation bores me, but the topics/conversation in this forum confuse me in ways that make this forum very special in my heart.

feels like the firrrrrst time, feels like the very first time

What a neat time to be alive y’all. Cheers.

That’s the spirit dude :grin::grin::grin::+1:

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No one needs to make a big deal out of Grin either?

It is sad to see people curb others enthusiasm.

Me: Wow I’m excited by your product!!

Grin developer: Excuse me don’t be too excited and don’t express it in a way I find annoying.

I hope this time round enthusiasm is allowed to evolve.

As for me, I don’t find anything about grin exciting at the moment.

I am really hoping that this changes. I love the idea of Grin but something is not working.

I want to love Grin again.


Will the founder ignotus pavell suddenly appear in the community one day? What’s in front of you? expect!