How to glue G1 mini board with the nuts

I got a G1 mini board which 2 nuts are loosen and unable to attach with the board.
I’m searching the glue to tight them together, do you know what glue is best for it? and durable with temperature? I’m finding amazon but not sure which one to choose.
Green circles are fine, Red circles got issue with loosen nuts

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Use soldering iron, solder, flux. Apply some flux on nuts inner surface and pcb hole. Apply solder to the smaller diameter of the nut seating surface in a circular pattern, apply solder to the inside rim of the hole. Then put the threaded side of the nut on the soldering iron and hold the nut against the hole until the solder on the nut and the board melts and the nut snaps into place. Carefully remove the soldering iron and then apply solder to the nut and the copper part of the board from the back side of the PCB, covering nut seating hole completely. The soldering iron should be well heated, usually to 370 degrees Celsius. No glue required.

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Finally I found a simple way to tight the heatsink and the processor board by using soft steel wire, it works well anyways, temperature is less than 80C degree, I’ll see how long it could stay

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