How to deposit GRIN to

  1. Resigter an account in
  2. Click “Assets” , choose “GRIN”-“deposit” to get a deposit address
  3. Deposit GRIN to the address

Because of privacy of MimbleWimble, all GRIN deposits MUST have eight decimal places as memo. Otherwise, grin couldn’t enter your account automatically.

For example:
memo: 11545678 (Users will find the unique “memo” in your deposit page)
if you plan to deposit 100 GRIN, you have to deposit 100.11545678 GRIN. And 100.11545678 will enter your account.

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Well, that is clever and tricky. Makes it hard to transfer “all” your grin…

As an exchange platform, we definitely welcome users transfer “all” your grin. But grin is privacy. If no memo, we don’t know who transfer it. So memo is needed.