BKEX Grin deposit, WTF is a MEMO?

Memo is an identification method for your deposit. For ex if you gonna deposit 5 Grin, you will send 5.46365422 as deposit. This way, they match deposit with customer. (Hinders privacy)
Same rules apply to gate.io and ZB exchange.


f*cking memo, me tiene jarto :expressionless:

I wonder how long the memo system is in use by Gate.io and others.
Would it be due to this ‘online bookkeeping’ idea I started in in April 2021 :sweat_smile:, or would it predate it.
[Withdrewed] Request for Funding @davidtavarez: One-time use Slatepack addresses for Wallet (RFC and Grin++ Implementation) - #33 by Anynomous

Update: Thank god, I am not guilty of that.
It dates back to at least 2019: