Canceling a deposit, what?

So I tried to deposit Grin on Bittrex when there was an error on their side that went away after I refreshed and it provided me the response file after that error, I didn’t want to take any chances on loosing funds so I canceled the deposit in grin++ wallet.
Apparently you need to contact Bittrex Support to cancel a Grin deposit. What? Why? (see screenshot)

BTW, why doesn’t Grin uses regular addresses like Beam to make transactions?

I’m assuming it will cancel automatically eventually. Just cancel it on the Grin++ side and you should be good.

Grin does use tor addresses, which look like regular addresses. You can see yours in the receive tab in Grin++. But so far, only Grinmint supports them.

Btw, Bittrex doesn’t support withdrawing grin the last I checked, only deposit. That’s always a red flag, so exercise caution, and don’t keep large amounts on the exchange.

No, Bittrex refers you to their customer support in order to cancel a Grin deposit (after you submit the file from Grin++)

I have trouble too with withdraw Grin in Bittrex in past, now i use, work flawless via file, they update wallet due last fork, and is in Grin spirit , no aml ,kyc , or other stuff, just an email adress


I liked depositing to Bittrex because I used them for 10-20% arbitrage :slight_smile:

It’s been a week and Bittrex still did not cancel the deposit request.

Resolved after two months. (only after their wallet maintenance)

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