How to call the wallet owner_api remotely

# Wallet Sending via API

Before we can call the following wallet API, we need run a grin wallet listening on owner api
$ grin wallet owner_api

From the grin-wallet.log file we can see the following information:
INFO grin_wallet::controller - Starting HTTP Owner API server at

Http/s Method

But if I want to remotely call the Wallet Owner API and the Wallet Foreign API on another service machine, how do I configure them?

Otherwise, if the system defaults, only the Wallet Owner API and Wallet Foreign API calls are made on the current server

Ssh tunnel

Or change to not recommended

How to change to ? I did not find the relevant command operation

Only possible change
api_listen_interface = “”
in grin-wallet.toml

Use ssh port forward

This is the way tried, but can not, is still

Maybe some iptables stuff

Sounds dangerous to make the owner_api service exposed in public. But you can still use SSH tunnel to forward your local port to the remote owner_api.