How do I withdraw Grin from Gate exchange to my wallet safely and quickly?

All I need is two tools: the relay web wallet and the mobile wallet Ironbelly.

Step 1: Register a wallet at and withdraw from gate to this wallet address.

Step 2: Send directly from to my Ironbelly wallet (Ironbelly wallet is downloaded and installed in advance from Google Play), choose to send offline, it is very fast, confirmed in seconds and takes about a minute to arrive.

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Withdrawals from Gate require the wallet to be online. The Grin++ wallet supports the wallet to be online, but the Grin++ wallet is not available in many cases. So in this current situation, using a transit wallet and Ironbelly wallet is a safer and faster method. Of course, if your Grin++ wallet is working, then just withdraw from the Gate exchange to Grin++ directly. I hope that wallets like Grin++ will work consistently anywhere, anytime, on any device, and that this day will come soon.

Great Stuff! Thanks for sharing