Hash rate substantially reduced after hard fork

Hi Folks,

First post here and after the hard fork I have noticed my GPU hash rate has nearly HALVED. I am on the latest verson of gminer (v1.93) using a GTX 2070. I used to get around 8.90 G/s and now getting 4.62 G/s

Is it just me or has the new algorithm slowed things down dramatically?

Slight drop here too on amd … tuff to say why overall hashrate dropping … mite just be lazy miners who r unaware or …

@downwithgov I am referring to my local GPU hashrate - not the mining pool

With the network hashrate now half what it was pre fork and your hashrate loss correlation, it would seem like this is normal, but maybe some other Nvidia users can post their experiences … yay for amd for once … went from 2.5 to 2.1 …

Thats quite normal I would say: CuckarooM is a completely different algorithm then CuckarooD. If you look to the announcement post then you would see a classical bucket sort based trimmer would take twice as long as before. Now well, drop in hash for Nvidias is about 55% at the moment, for AMDs a bit less drop, but maybe the old solvers weren’t so good …

Overall the new, lower rates are normal.

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Same here, exactly 50% drop on Nvidia Gforce RTX 2060 super :frowning:

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whattomine.com’s results for CuckarooM29:
1070 8G: 3.0
1070ti: 3.1
1080: 3.4
1080ti: 4.7
1660: 2.2
1660 ti: 2.5
2060: 3.5
2070: 4.1
2080: 5.2
2080 ti: 6.1
480: 2.2
580: 2.2
V56: 3.9
V64: 4.3
5700XT: 3.6
VII: 5.9


That can’t be normal, who is going to keep mining at a loss.

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After another full day, I can confirm that my hash rate has just about halved, yet when I look at my GRIN earning through my mining pool, it seems that my rewards have slightly improved.

I am somewhat confused. I would generally correlate reduced hashrate with reduced earnings. In this case it would appear the the earnings per share must have doubled. I suspect this might be specific to my pool?

@Neo-Geo That is a very good list! Makes it a bit simpler to determine which GPUs to target for a rig I plan to build. Thanks!

And soon AMD’s Radeon VII will be capable of exceeding 2 gps on c31 thanks to Lolliedieb.

@Neo-Geo, are you aware of any G29 / G31 benchmarks with the Sapphire RX 570 16GB GPU?

-source: https://whattomine.com/gpus/26-amd-radeon-rx-570


I got one of this cards :slight_smile:
C29M is at 2.2 g/s, C31 at 0.63 g/s and C32 at 0.17 g/s - but it is a 8G solver on C32, so with coming release of 16G it might go over 0.2 g/s easily.

@Lolliedieb: So you reckon these might go well on a G32 rig, eh? :wink: