Grin-wallet failing to compile in Ubuntu

I’m trying to build the wallet (version 3.1.1) in Ubuntu 18.04 but my system is not producing a “grin-wallet” executable. Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere? The documentation available in the doc folder and on the github wiki doesn’t seem to address this [and I’d prefer to build the wallet on my system rather than download a binary].

Also, is the process described in needed to build the wallet or get it communicating with the node?

The grin node/server seems to be working fine. I toyed around with 1.0.2 and 1.0.3 wallets sometime back but that was before grin-wallet was parceled-off into its own git repository.

I’m comfortable with the bash command-line but a rust newbie (so not fully understanding the config files that I’ve poked through trying to get this to work).

Nevermind got it…

Why are these steps not in the documentation somewhere(?)… say in the file or at ?

(Last week I was using the wrong command in step 3 [cargo update] and I’m not sure if I looked in the target/release subfolder after attempting to build before.)

  1. $ git clone # cloned the directory
  2. $ git checkout v3.1.1 # changed the version to the latest tag
  3. $ rustup update stable # making sure the build is using the most current version of rust
  4. from the root directory of grin-wallet: $ cargo build --release

The binary/executable is built at grin-wallet/target/release/grin-wallet .


Thank you for this post :slight_smile:

If you like, write a small tutorial on how to compile on Ubuntu X (uname -a) or send a small pull request to the official github repo. :+1: