Grin Virtual Machine - your wallet always owned only by you

Hi all
We offer Grin community the new online Grin wallet.
Grin Virtual Machine (GVM)
The main feature of this online Grin wallet is a wallet.seed file for each user.
Thus, the user gets guaranteed access to his Grin wallet not only through the GVM.

Hi, is there a place where the source code of your software is available for people to review ? (Github typically)

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@Kurt @lehnberg this smells fishy to me


Bullshit. I don’t need to host my wallet online. Nor does anyone else. If one wanted custodial risks, they can go open a bank account. No thanks.

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@shush Host a wallet on the Internet? What custodial risks are you talking about? What nonsense is this?
GVM works on the same principle as MEW or MyCrypto. The difference is that there is no way to upload wallet.seed received from another Grin wallet. Perhaps later we will realize this opportunity.

Thank you! Will fix it in the very near future.

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Thank you for your activity and responsiveness. The problem has been fixed. You can continue to register.

Hi, our project is not open source

What is the purpose of an open-source back-end anyway? Back-ends are unverifiable.

Nice to read wise comments

Grin Virtual Machine (GVM) - online Grin wallet with wallet.seed file.
GVM holds a special promotion.
Until the end of November, you can purchase access to the GVM service for 1 Grin per 30 days!
Try GVM now!

Bip bip ~ Scam Alert ~ biiiiiippp

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@Kurt can you provide facts or you can only write nonsense?

Your service comes off as pretty unusual and sketchy, usually when you are seeing a site that is built with clipart that seems to be pulled from google and doesn’t really give you a good description on what you are actually selling you don’t trust it. Then I have kinda understood what your service is providing and I don’t think that it is really necessary. I mean why would you pay to have a wallet on a virtual machine hosted by a service that you don’t know that well when I could go open an account on google and get their cloud credit and set up a node ( to support the network ) and have as many machines running wallets as I want for free?

The unusualness of the service is that he does not use api. You manage your Grin wallet with standard commands that are proxied to your wallet instance. You can save your wallet.seed and use it locally. If you need to quickly create a transaction, you can do it from any device.

Grin Virtual Machine (GVM) solves several problems of the Grin cryptocurrency.
The first is anonymity. By sending funds to the exchange, you leave a trace of the IP address.
The second is the world limit of “white” IP addresses.
Third - changing the version of Grin API has blocked many services and stopped the work of exchanges. Our approach is proxying commands directly. It 100% solves this problem. To restore the service after forks, we only need to take the latest version of Grin wallet.
The fourth is security. Your wallet.seed is stored on the server in encrypted form. For those who have a poor understanding of how this works, I can send my wallet.seed containing 100 Grin. Are there any madmen who want to try to crack it?

@Kurt Write the facts! Stop talking nonsense!