Grin video content creation team

Hi everyone, Thought I’d start a new thread focused on creating videos that would help increase Grin awareness and thus not only spur adoption but help us grow our community.

Currently, a quick search on youtube does yield some results but there’s lots of subjectivity and the videos mainly fail to convey the truth about Grin.

The objective is to produce videos which:

  • Describe Grin and all the fundamentals and innovations present
  • A video focusing on sticky points that are commonly mis-interpreted. E.g Grin’s emission rate
  • A video focusing on the shared history of bitcoin and Grin. E.g. How Grin aims to create an electronic peer to peer system
  • A video focusing on how to use Grin. This video should include all of Grin’s ecosystem projects (Wallets & payment systems)
  • A video Q&A/cast which allows/addresses questions about Grin
    (Any additional ideas members of this community my have would also be awesome)

*** The videos need be simple, informative and help show the great properties of Grin (hats of to the Grin council and developers for giving us plenty of cool things we can talk about). They also need to use the appropriate styling - cyperpunk & cool

Some members of the community have already volunteered to help out. It’ll be great if more are willing to help. Any action big or small would be great. Here are some ways you could help:

  • Recommendations/ideas for what you feel is crucial to be included in the videos or even for additional videos
  • Storyboard & story telling
  • Video content creation (this is in particular more of the ‘difficult’ taks)
  • Donating your voice
  • Suggestions on the name of the youtube channel
  • How to increase visibility on youtube
  • How to link any revenue generated from youtube to the Grin General fund (apart from the direct link on the video’s info)

This list is extensive, but if there’s anything you can help with (including those not mentioned above) please chip in.

We don’t expect this project to incur significant costs, but if significant expenses are required & justified we can look towards methods to make it possible.

Disclaimer: Some people are working on getting the news out there along social media channels (twitter/telegram/reddit/etc). Video propagation/sharing/etc is not within the limits of this thread/project. This thread/project is solely concerned with creating youtube video content that the social media team can use.


you are wonderful!!!

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I’ve been running a YouTube channel (One Minute Crypto) for several years, so I have some experience here.

I might suggest one video per ecosystem project. That would allow people to find information for the specific software that they are already using.


I would donate 10 Grin to an effort like this. If we could all do this we could employ someone to undertake this.

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This post is in the process of removal due to constant ridicule from @Grumpy. Please don’t hesitate to raise your concerns with the moderators or @Grumpy directly

I could be convinced to try my hand at writing out my thoughts more formally.

This post is in the process of removal due to constant ridicule from @Grumpy. Please don’t hesitate to raise your concerns with the moderators or @Grumpy directly

if there are many superior privacy coins to grin, then grin deserves to disappear into obscurity. Grin needs quiet long term technical development, not marketing.



Who are you again?

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You got awesome skills dude

sick video indeed ! definitely super interesting direction