Grin Vault Android Wallet released

Hello, we released an open beta of Grin Vault, a Grin Android Wallet. At the moment we only make available the floonet version. Get it here.

If you try it out please join the gitter community and give us feedback there.


Thanks for the hard work, but on my Android (Samsung Galaxy Note 4) it crashes as soon as it opens

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@leopheard thanks for the report. I was able to reproduce the bug in a similar device, I am looking into it.

Just run a benchmark and it’s saying I’m using a 32 bit APQ8084 board on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Android 6.0.1.

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@leopheard I released a new version which should fix the crash. Could you test it?

Reinstalled, got to the T&Cs, created wallet, entered password x2, app crashed. Send bug report. Went back in, asks for password, crashes again.

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@leopheard at the moment there are crashes on some combinations of 32 bits architectures and Android versions and so we decided to remove them from the store. I will let you know if we make progress in fixing this problem.