Grin Validation

Does this community have KPI’s for Grin? Are their people using it for what it is intended for, Electronic transactions for all. Without censorship or restrictions? Or something different?

A challenge with anonymous technologies is that most KPI can be effortlessly inflated. Node count, number of transactions, size of UTXO set, total posts in forums, etc.

Some indicators can’t be faked easily, such as price, or total network mining power, but productivity-minded people do not want to hyper-focus on them. They are not always a great indication of progress.

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@Chronos I feel ya, so then how does a passionate community focus on a common goal without 2-3 KPI’s to move them forward. One of my concerns with this project is that decisions are made up of people’s opinions/assumptions instead of data+creativity resulting in multiple forks and other disruptions.

Example: currently there are 114 contributors in the repo with 115 open issues. How does someone know where to focus their efforts without knowing what is most impactful to the project.

Are there feedback channels we can access? A “grin wallet feedback” command that posts publicly somewhere would be cool. NLP can filter through the noise.

The flipside to what you are saying is we do not necessarily want 114 contributors all attempting to work on the 2 or 3 most pressing issues. This would be a disaster.

Things are working ok so far in terms of prioritization and focus.

Idea: Proving that a person making a Grin transactions could NOT be identified by companies like Chainalysis would validate Grin’s privacy advantages over other coins and help grow adoption.

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Good article about Grin’s exchange adoption: