GRIN s future, imagination


Imagine that I am someone who believes in GREEN and I collect it.

I now turn to GRIN:


I have an idea for you, how others would love you, an idea if it is well-intentioned never hurts.

Imagine your motto being family,

Show with your kindness that to be used by families, that’s why you were created.

And if you have problems with privacy, it is irrelevant to family consumers.

The target group should be family, family is the most important in the world.

The idea would be to you make a proposal to the families.

What would be your suggestion to end the story?

protect the family at all cost…

GRIN family coin… that is the way

My contribution to that is that I will leave part of the GRIN to the children.

Imagine that everyone who has a GRIN leaves a share for posterity.

If GRIN is what I want I provide the family with a future.

I will do good for GRIN (I will lock the coins until my children grow up) and for my children (provide them with a future)

I appeal to everyone who buy GRIN to follow the same trust.

We are just at the beginning.

What do you think about this?

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I follow this family policy also with Bitcoin. For both Bitcoin and Grin I have the hope and expectation they will provide a real and long lasting alternative to the governament controlled fiat currencies. I do however expect to use some Grin as real money far befor my children grow up. Mobile wallets and posibly attomic swap are all that is needed to start using Grin. Should be douable to achieve both within a year, so I am optimistic about Grins future.

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I have a question for those who are experts on this.

what is the power of the GRIN scalability now?

for example…

to assume that ,if 10% of the global world market transactions pay in GRIN

1 question
would GRIN endured it?

if yes

2 question
how late the transactions would be?

Nope I don’t think it would endure it since Grin supports around 15 or 20 tx per second.
We are far from bloating the blockchain, and if one day we do, then we would need second layer solution such as Lightning network or a brand new invention that we have not invented yet.

What do you mean by this question?

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  1. you mean 15 to 20 transactions per second?
  2. I mean, how many sec need to 1 transaction if GRIN used 10% on global market.
    if 15 to 20 in sec and that is true, i have a ansver for my secund question.
  1. Yes, transactions per second. But it’s a poor metric because any blockchain can increase its tx/s capacity simply by increasing the block size limit. But that potentially results in a larger chain size and harder verification. Nevertheless, I do think grin could be defined as 3-4x more scalable than Bitcoin, yet it’s important to keep in mind that it achieves this even while keeping amounts hidden (which requires a lot of data, i.e. rangeproofs).
  2. I don’t know about the global market, but visa does about 150m transactions a day, which is 1700 tx/s. So you can use this to roughly estimate.
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It would require infinite time.

It was already invented - it is Sharding.

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Basically yes Grin can once they implement Lightning Transactions. Even Bitcoin can in theory handle all transactions in the world if everyone starts using LN transactions. And indeed there are other solutions as well that can solve the scaling issue, such as sharding mentioned by @GrinDarkNetBank, plasma and its more evolved forms.

Since Grin already implemented relative time locks needed for LN, LN is the most straightforward and logical way to scale up IMO.


Yes don’t loose time implement LN implementation that already exist in btc to the Grin. Developers have money to pay them to LN developers, we dont need to invent bike again.

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Problems need to be solved step by step.

The team should first decide what the priority is and give all the energy to solve that first step.

Imagine how a 50 BTC donor feels when he sees that there is no harmony in the team.


True, scaling is not an issue right now. It still is wise to be LN compatible before the last official hard fork but it is not the most important thing to focus on right now. Most important is usability improvement, for which the funding of the two mobile wallet Apps is an important step.


I believe a coin with only volunteers will never beat a coin with a paid team. The reason for that is because if a volunteer will have 8 hours less per day (due to having to work in some other job to earn money) and thinking you can be twice as effective as everyone else is too optimistic imo. So i would actually see everyone here who’s really good to quit their job and start working for grin full-time :smile:


We can suggest that donors make decisions about which segments of development to finance.

Hi GRIN, ti si moj život!

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@senator: lets just hope you didn’t invest all your life-savings

Don’t underestimate open source projects. Commercial projects with paid developers may bankrupt or change direction completely. They tend to get results faster than open source projects because the devs are under pressure to reach goals defined by the management in a given time, so open source projects lack the speed but they make this usually up with endurance.
One of the many real life examples that come to my mind is XNA from Microsoft. That was a C#-Game-Development-Framework created by Microsoft. It was great until Microsoft decided to shut it down for the lulz (C++/DirectX was suddenly seen as more approriate for Game Development to be more specific). That was in 2010. All competing open source libraries for the same task are still around.

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Većinu, pogrešio sam?

I give hem all my trust. (Dao sam mu svoju veru)