Grin product wishlist

I just tested it in one of the latest builds. rewind_hash is not recognized as a command.
I guess it broke somewhere along the way and was disabled.
I did not know it worked in the past until I found this tutorial today. Since it does not work anymore it should still be on the Wish-list unfortunately.

Regarding putting bounties, there have been a lot of discussions on whether Bounties are or are not a good idea. Below I will give a short recap of these discussions:

  • Items on the wish-list that require adding functionality to grin node or wallet do not work well with bounties because it is always the OC and Michael who end up having to implement it in the core code making the bounties ineffective in lifting their burden. It is always the same people who end up doing the heavy lifting unfortunately.
    → Ideal solution, find someone who is willing or already knows some of the core code, who can support Michael and who can add extra functionalities that are on the wish-list. These could be lower hanging fruits/simpler tasks as long as they are implemented directly in grin and grin-wallet.
  • Bountis can work for anything ecosystem related, things build on top of grin, grin-wallet, grin++ via their API’s. An examples of such bounties could be a payment plugin. Alternatively bounties could work for independent projects and tools that do not require implementation in the core code but which can empower ecosystem developers, e.g. Mimblewimble-py, the API wrapper for Python, open block explorer by @vegycslo, vanity address generator etc. Note thought that these examples are all projects that were developed out of :yellow_heart: for grin and not for a bounty.

So bounties can work, but they are not the best solution for all items on the Wishlist.