Grin-Node Challenge 2020 - Win over +800 GRIN Coins and free GRIN Merchandise

I have successfully setup a grin node and connected to

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I have successfully setup a grin node and connected to :wink:

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@david, I do not see a grin-server.toml file as part of Grin++. What config file does Grin++ use where I can specify the peers_preferred? Thx.

I just realized I cannot setup additional nodes due to the need for port forwarding for port 3414 :sweat_smile:. Since I forward the ports used by Grin to one computer cannot redirect to another, right? I was even thinking of going for three nodes by adding a node running on a Raspberry Pi. Any thoughts on how to circumvent this limitation?

Don’t stop using Grin++ to participate :slight_smile:

But, if you are on Windows I can recomend you setting up a Grin-Node under Windows following my How-To: to run a Grin-Node and connect to us. (not 100% ready but it will guide you through the steps)

You can also share this link and I am writing on an official Windows Grin-Node article here on the main repository: (also in draft state)

As always have fun :smiley:


I would love to do so, but I cannot run two nodes from the same IP right? Nor additional nodes via the same router since I can only forward port 3414 to a single machine.

To not repeat my self again: " Don’t stop using the Grin++"

Using the Grin-Node under Windows (see my how-to) you can add the preferred_peer .

i have successfully setup 2 Grin-Nodes and connected both to

Hard to win when you are late 2 the party but im still gonna try! :slight_smile:


This is the Grin-Node Challenge 2020 spirit :smiley: have fun and perhaps you win a t-shirt :+1:

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Exactly, you can always win an awesome T-shirt. And if you do not win one, you can buy one to ease the pain of not winning. I also put two nodes online.

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One full week to start a node for the “Grin-Node Challenge 2020:+1:and at least be part of it and possible win a Grin T-Shirt by random luck.

More details here:

Challenge end: 22.04.2020 12:00:00 noon (UTC+0) :hourglass_flowing_sand:

I have successfully setup a grin node and connected to


:partying_face: Today the first Grin-Node Challenge 2020 is ending in about 2h. :partying_face:
The winners will be published here:

The script to select the lucky looser Winners :smiley: (everyone who participated except Top20) will also run in about 2h

Good luck to everyone!

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Congratulations to all Winners: :tada:
Details on how to claim prices will be published soon.


How to claim your price?

Get in contact with us and proof you are the owner of a winning node.

Access the confirmation URL from your Grin-Node via Browser (on Windows) or Curl on Linux.

For Windows Users: Just open a browser from your grin-node IP address and visit your assigned link.

For Linux Users: Use any command line tool of your choice to send a /GET request to the assigned link.

Challenge URL will be published after Node-Challenge is over. curl

Output: Verified! Your prize: GRIN T-Shirt, Token: 1234567

Please send us the Token once you verified you are one of the lucky winners.


How to get your FREE GRIN T-Shirt?

Once you verified your node [1], visit the T-Shirt sponsor URL [2] and use the verification token as the coupon for a free GRIN T-Shirt and free Shipping.

Consider getting some more GRIN merchandise and support one of the best GRIN shops.
Big thank you to for also sponsoring the GRIN-Node Challenge 2020

[1] Access the confirmation URL from your Grin-Node via Browser (on Windows) or Curl on Linux.


Some of you winners are claiming GRIN and T-Shirts :slight_smile:
The claiming phase will be extended until 16.05.2020.

If not claimed some of the prices will be donated to GRIN or any other GRIN project and part of it will be used for the next challenge.

Hi @david - I have relatively recently set up a grin node, and also started opening up port 3414, and noticed now there is indeed incoming traffic.
My question is exactly what is the difference between incoming and outgoing traffic.
It seems like now much more incoming peers.

Hi @quotha!

It’s great to hear that you’re allowing incoming connections. This helps create a more decentralized and more reliable p2p network.

When you want to join the grin network, nobody knows about you yet, so you need to establish some “outgoing” connections first (connections that you initiate). There are peers called “seeds” which are usually the first peers you connect to. These peers are always “listening” for other nodes to connect to them, which would become “incoming” connections (peers that connected to you).

There’s a limit to how many peers a node will allow to connect to them at any single time, to avoid overusing their resources. So if only a few peers are setup to allow incoming connections (ie. to listen for nodes to connect to them), if all of their allotted connections get used up, new nodes will struggle to find others to accept their outgoing connections when joining the network. This is why it’s important for the network to have lots of people, like yourself, who are allowing incoming connections.


Thanks @david that info was extremely helpful!