Grin Logos for Community Consideration

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I see an opportunity for lightning bolt motif here

Yeah surely we can add a touch of magic, and gold, gold and a vault is good. I do however like your avatar 0-X … are you voldemort by any chance? I’m looking for him. I keep having hypnogogic and hypnopompic hallucinations of something bad happening, and a snake is telling me I must find him urgently. I must save him.

I like this one…it looks Irish for some reason…probably the green. Also good feng-shui with a combination of male and female elements.gring


This one is great. Like it alot.54%20AM

Gringotts_Bank_Logo_tn__66275_std SY355

Shouldn’t we just use the actual logo for gringotts bank? Or a slightly altered version of it? Maybe just the G with the goblin but not the words around it. Maybe give him a big grin? :grin:


I like the irish feng shui one too, I’d like to see a gold one thougt just to compare.

I’d love it if we use the actual logo for gringotts bank, I like this one just as much if not better, would look great on a coin

This is getting more relevant now since we’re going to actively discuss the web wallet.

Feel free to contribute: Grin Github web wallet

My first submission:


My first submission:


Draft 2:


Draft 3:

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Draft 4:


Draft 4 looks great. The layers remind me of cut-through (heavy to light) and it looks professional.

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Has a logo been selected yet? If not I’d like my designer to give it a go.

Definately vote to have the green/black color scheme

0-X “we who must knot be named” evil smiley is very cool.

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Personally, my vote from everything I’ve seen so far would go on @0xb100d’s avatar image (assuming we would have permission to use it, and it’s not being used elsewhere? Not seen it used anywhere else.)

Simple, circular, has that cheeky feel to it, stands out from all other coins logos (and would stand out as an icon anywhere, on a phone home screen, on a t-shirt, on a website, and so on), and works well in a simpler two-color format as well. Very flexible. Very simple. I love it.



I like this one, proffesional looking and simple